How to choose a whip
Choosing the right whip can be a difficult task! If your new to the whip community it can be extremely difficult to select a good whip for you. That’s what I’m here for!
2. Choosing the right length (The following chart applies to the average height of an adult about 5’8) 4 Foot Bullwhip- This is the smallest length I offer. 4 footers are pretty difficult to perform most cracks as a beginner. But are very fun whips, also very fast. 5 Foot Bullwhip- This is the shortest length I recommend to a beginner. You get a bit more time than a 4 footer, and can perform most cracks easier than a 4 footer. 6 Foot Bullwhip- This is the “perfect length” for a beginner, and most people no matter than experience level. 6 footer bullwhip can perform every crack with great versatility. You don’t get tired easily cracking a 6 foot whip. Whips under 5 feet and whips over 10 feet usually tire you out fairly quick. 7 Foot Bullwhip- This is another length I would recommend for a beginner. It’s basically just like a 6 footer. But you get a little bit more time. The extra foot makes it feel like your cracking a six footer but have the length and weight of an 8 footer. 8 Foot Bullwhip- This is the absolute longest length I recommend to a beginner. But this is also the length where the versatility starts to slip away a tiny bit. This length is probably the “shortest long length bullwhip” in the community. 9 Foot Bullwhip- I like this length. I’d recommend it to someone looking to take their skill level up but isn’t quite there. I wouldn’t recommend this length for a beginner, because it takes quite a bit of skill to crack a length this long. 10 Foot Bullwhip- This is the longest normal length Bullwhip I offer. Reason being is- a whip longer than this is extremely difficult to crack and requires immense skill. A 10 footer is manageable for an intermediate whip-cracker but then again, you lose quite a bit of versatility, and it tired your arm out fairly quickly. 11-14 Foot Bullwhips- I offer these lengths upon special requests, for an added cost. There’s a reason. These lengths are massive!! There isn’t many cracks you can do with these lengths. These lengths should only be attempted by a fairly experienced whip-cracker.
1. Choosing the right type of whip A bullwhip is the most classic type of whip, and probably the easiest to use. Because of its rigid handle and it’s flexible thong cracking a bullwhip is as easy as it gets. A Snakewhip on the other hand, is a bit harder to crack. Because they’re is no rigidity in the handle “area.” Cracking a Snakewhip can take a little bit to get used too. For your first whip I strongly suggest a bullwhip. A Snakewhip is completely fine but will take a little bit of toying around with to get good at it.